Car Accidents and Insurance

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) and Insurance


Being in a car accident can be traumatic and scary. Luckily, your car insurance is there to help not only with repairing your vehicle but also there to help heal any injuries sustained in the accident. At Essential Chiropractic, we are here to not just help you with your injuries but guide you through this process. Just print and fill out the OCF-1 form and sent it to your insurer and come to our clinic and get your initial examination. Based upon the exam findings, we will create a treatment plan right for you. There is no out of pocket costs when being treated for a motor vehicle accident.


Forms To Fill After An Accident

OCF-1 - This is the first form that needs to be filled out. This is to be submitted to your insurer to start the insurance process. Please click here to print and fill out the OCF-1 form.

*Note: If you have insurance from your work or from your spouse's work, that insurance needs to be used up before the car insurance coverage can be applied. If you do not have workplace insurance, then you can use your car insurance coverage right away.


OCF-23 - This is the form that needs to be filled out by you and your chiropractor. You can either print this form off yourself or this form can be provided to you when you first come in. Complete your portion and then bring in this form for us to fill out. Please click here to print and fill out the OCF-23 form.


Car Accident FAQ

1. I was just in a car accident and don't have work health insurance, can I still get coverage for my injuries? Yes. Even without work health insurance, your car insurance provides you with health coverage. All you have to do is print and fill out the OCF-1 and submit that to your car insurer. Then come on into our office and we will guide you the rest of the way.


2. How much does my car insurance cover for injuries? Your car insurance will up to $3500 as part of the minor injury guideline. 


3. Do I need a medical doctor's referral to see a chiropractor? No. Chiropractors are considered a part of primary care and with a doctor's designation, you do NOT need a medical doctor's referral.


 4. What happens if my car accident was a couple of weeks ago and I'm just now getting symptoms. Is it too late to get coverage? No. Sometimes, symptoms don't appear right away and can take a week or two after the accident. You can still apply for the OCF-1 and get treated right away.


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